Fiber Max Omega bag

Equus Fiber Max Omega

Specifically formulated for premium endurance in performance and maintenance horses

A beet pulp-based feed high in calories, fat & fiber and low in nonstructural carbohydrates (Does not contain corn, barley, or oats). Increases fermentation and decreases digestive problems such as hindgut acidosis in the digestive system of the horse. High fiber and high fat ingredients increase caloric intake without increasing starch. This reduces excitability and heightened awareness allowing for a much cooler horse.

Omega–3 & Omega–6 fatty acids promote a healthier coat while also aiding in immune response

All natural-source Vitamin E elevates plasma tocopherol more effectively than synthetic vitamin E which allows the horse to recover more quickly from soreness after strenuous exercise.

Suitable for horses with insulin resistance, Cushing’s disease or those predisposed to tying up. Due to the low starch nature of this feed it decreases the risk of insulin resistance by reducing the large fluctuations in glucose you would see in high starch feeds.

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Equus Senior bag


Specifically formulated and nutritionally balanced for horses in their golden years

Equus 5 is a 14% protein specially balanced ration designed to meet the older horse’s changing nutrient needs. In addition to increased requirements for minerals, vitamins and proteins, the older horse may be showing a significant loss of dental function. As a pelleted, textured feed, which contains high quality fiber, Equus 5 is designed to be easily chewed and digested by older horses.

The use of Soybean hulls in Equus 5 as a dietary fiber is also an alternative, safe, energy source, which leads to, improved senior horse performance.

EQUUS SENIOR WET Fortified with Molasses & Beet Pulp Shreds

Race bag

Equus Race

Specifically formulated and nutritionally balanced for race horses

While energy intake is the most critical nutrient for horses working at high intensity, all nutrients are important for horses under extreme exercise stress. Equus Race addresses the nutrient needs for the race horse in a balanced way that insures that when fed with good hay, all requirements for energy, protein, minerals and vitamins are met.

In addition to being fully fortified with minerals and vitamins resulting in lower costs for owners and more accurate delivery of these nutrients, Equus Race features a balanced delivery of energy substrates. Equus Race features added fat, very soluble fiber in the form of beet pulp and starch from cereal grains. This balanced approach to meeting caloric needs allows for optimum digestion and utilization of energy by the horse.


The Equus Nutrition System Advantage

Highest Quality Ingredients

Highest Quality IngredientsAll Equus diets are oat based, combining the highest quality oats; steam flaked barley and cracked corn with the highest quality proteins, vitamins and minerals to meet the strict demands of your horse.

Better Mineral Absorption

Better Mineral AbsorptionEquus uses chelated minerals that are bio-available, proteinated trace minerals for improved absorption.

Controlled Energy Source

Controlled Energy SourceVegetable oils and Stabilized Rice Bran are used as additional fat sources to reduce the demand on carbohydrates as the sole energy source, calories supplied from fat metabolize differently and offer a more controlled source of energy and can help prevent “heated” horses.

More Digestibility, Less Stress

More DigestibilityYeast cultures are offered in all diets, helping improve digestibility of fibers and reducing the incidence of stress in active horses.

Hoof Maintenance

Hoof MaintenanceBiotin is included in all formulations to help maintain hoof wall integrity.

Helps Fight Mycotoxins

Helps Fight MycotoxinsEquus diets contain ingredients to help avoid and reduce the effects of mycotoxins, which can come from grain, pasture or forage sources.

Less Feeding, More Savings

Less Feeding, More SavingsQuality ingredients cost more, however the increase in available energy resulting from increased fat levels and digestible dietary fiber can mean feeding decreased amounts. With the price of Equus Nutrition products being competitive to other products in the market today, a cheaper feed can actually cost you more to feed. Energy density in the Equus Nutrition System can lead to big savings year in and year out when you choose this balanced nutrition program for your horse.

Kentucky Equine Research

Kentucky Equine Research (KER) is a world-renowned equine nutrition and consultation company. KER works with feed manufacturers around the world to develop horse feeds and supplements that are suited for the particular region in which they are to be fed. Research is the cornerstone of KER and is personally directed by KER’s founder and president, Joe Pagan, Ph.D. By monitoring metabolic parameters such as heart rate, oxygen consumption, blood metabolites, and hormones, KER researchers can determine factors that may enhance or limit performance.

In 2003 Associated Feed joined forces with KER, thereby bringing horse owners the very best in feed formulation and manufacturing. Associated’s impeccable manufacturing standards and personal service combined with KER’s state-of-the-art nutritional expertise gives Associated Feed’s customers the most advanced equine nutrition available in the marketplace. Choose Associated Feed’s products and join the countless number of horse enthusiasts who have discovered improvements in their horse’s general health, appearance, performance and reproduction.

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